Why SilkRoad?

A History of Dedication to Our Clients

After just under a decade in business, SilkRoad Translation Company has cultivated a reputation for providing the highest quality of translation services, while accommodating the needs and deadlines of our clients to ensure complete satisfaction. Ever since our company began in 2010, we have striven to make SilkRoad Translation Services the best and most highly trusted company of our kind in the regions of Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and quickly garnering the success to open three in-country offices in Turkey, Russia, and Kazakhstan. By 2016, SilkRoad Translation Services had translated over 15 million words worth of material, completed 9000 projects in over 20 languages, and satisfied over 220 clients.

Highly Experienced Team

SilkRoad Translation Company’s highly accomplished team includes over 1000 expert linguists and project management staff, who are dedicated to providing quality service and meeting the unique needs of each client. Every SilkRoad translator is a native speaker in their language of specialty. They are often grouped with linguists who are highly trained in a specific subject matter that is relevant to a particular project, to ensure the maximum amount of expertise is devoted to each translation. The SilkRoad Translation Services in-house team undergo rigorous training and strict quality assurance measures regularly in order to maintain our company’s standards of quality.

A Variety of Services to Satisfy All Clients

We at SilkRoad Translation Services are dedicated to meeting all of our clients’ requests to their satisfaction. Our services therefore go beyond basic translation to include translation localization and adaptation, software engineering, DTP, testing, proofreading, and more. In order to further ensure satisfaction and quality Additionally, SilkRoad Translation Services utilizes the most innovative technology whenever applicable, such as the latest CAT tools for translations that are both efficient and precise.

We offer material spanning a wide range of industries and subject matter, including legal, life sciences, advertising, marketing, PR, IT, healthcare, hardware, software, and technology, among many others.

The Advantages of Choosing SilkRoad

The staff at SilkRoad Translation Services are highly experienced and committed to quality. Because of our stringent quality assurance measures and our policy of employing only native linguists, we have gathered a staff of the best possible translators, proofreaders, and managers to work on any given project across a variety of formats and subjects.

Every project goes through our exhaustive translation management system (TMS), wherein it is first translated by one of our team members, then thoroughly analyzed and edited by proofreaders and managers until it is satisfactory to all parties involved in the translation. SilkRoad Translation Services also regularly uses machine translation and our finely developed translation memory system (a database that contains fragments of language such as phrases and sentences, to reuse in the future when applicable) to keep our material as efficient and accurate as possible.

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