What It Takes to Be A Professional Translator

February 6, 2017by silk-r0

It takes more than simply knowing two languages to be a professional translator. To be considered a professional in the field of translation, practice, experience, and training are needed.

There’s no one path to success, but here are some good guidelines:

1-    Master Your Own Native Language: In addition to understanding, speaking, reading, and writing one’s native language, a professional translator also has to be well-versed in the grammar and rules of style of the language.

2-    Get Certification: It’s very important for someone who wants to become a professional translator to get some sort of accreditation or certification. Many universities offer advanced degrees and professional certificates in translation.

3-    Develop Your Skills: To reach the level of a professional translator, it’s essential to constantly hone your skills and keep learning.

4-    Respect Your Clients: A professional translator always shows respect towards his clients, and never delivers the translation behind schedule.

5-    Be a Good Communicator: Entertain a good relationship with your customers. A professional translator has to communicate well with his clients, not only by answering e-mails or phone calls, but also by writing thank-you notes after completing jobs.

6-    Market Yourself: It’s time to market yourself after getting credentials and some experience. A great way to market yourself as a professional translator is to start a website or blog and join the active community of online language professionals. To apply for a job as a professional translator, click here To get your translation quote, click here