What are Technical Translation Services?

February 6, 2017by silk-r2

SilkRoad’s strength lies in its experience in technical translation services

Providing technical translation services means offering translations of texts related to technological subject areas or those dealing with the practical application of scientific and technological information, such as equipment manuals, descriptions of technical processes, component lists, software messages, and other hardware and software texts. The translation and localization industry has produced quite a few standards aimed at assuring the quality of technical translation services, such as the German DIN 2345 standard or the European EN 15038 standard, which translation service providers must apply in the following areas:

  • personnel and technical resources
  • quality and project management
  • framework conditions for contracts
  • work processes
  • additional services.

How Do You Know Whether Your Project Falls Under the ‘Technical Translation Services’ Category?While the presence of specialized terminology can lead you to believe that your document is a technical one and requires technical translation services, it is not true that all documents containing specialized terminology will be classified as technical documents, since technical terms can be found in many subject areas, even in non-technical documents.

Technical translation services cover a broad range specialized texts and require a high level of subject knowledge; therefore, technical translators are often much more highly qualified and experienced than other translators. To ensure high-quality translations, make sure you contact a good translation agency.