Translation Companies VS. Machine Translation

February 6, 2017by silk-r0

Will Translation Companies ever be Replaced by Machine Translation?

The fact that machine translation is carried out by machines does not mean that humans are totally absent from the process of translation

It has been claimed that translation companies will be replaced by machine translation. Translation has gained in importance throughout history, but late in the twentieth century, researchers worked on creating translation machines to help translators do their job more easily. Thus, a new type of translation has emerged to compete with translation companies. Translation companies will never disappear, as you can never replace human translators with machine translation. Machine translations will always be useful as money and time savers, and are good at giving the reader a general idea of what the source text says, but their weaknesses are great, in comparison with human translation. Machine translation is often literal, or word-for-word. Also, machines are not able to recognize or translate idioms, slang, or terms that do not appear in the machine’s memory. When translation companies handle your translation job, you can be assured of a better translation quality, as human translators can understand the different cultural, linguistic and semantic factors in the text. Indeed, human translators can manipulate language to serve the meaning of the source text. And machine translation cannot compete with the translator’s ability to make sense of a phrase by using their best judgment.