Tips on Avoiding Translation Mistakes in Russian Language

February 2, 2017by silk-r0

Nobody will notice when you get the right translation. However, everybody will laugh and make fun of you if you get it wrong. It will be worse for you – and hilarious for everyone else – if the wrong translation makes sense in a manner that contradicts your intended message. Here are two real life examples of popular failed translations:

  1. US President Jimmy Carter in 1977 accidentally “abandoned” the US when his opening statement “I left the United States this morning” was translated to “When I abandoned the United States”
  2. In 1956, Nikita Khrushchev, a Soviet Premier, while trying to say that they would outlast the United States, ended up saying “We will bury you”, a statement that was misinterpreted to mean that Russia was threatening to destroy the US.

The repercussions of failed translations can be hilarious, deadly and costly. Make sure that you don’t experience this when translating to or from the Russian language by carefully choosing the translation agency you utilize.

Conducting Russian translation is not simply about conversion of words from root to target language. Tones and ideas also have to be accounted for to ensure that the message is passed without any distortions. Localization on its part takes into account cultural elements, dialect along with other facets related to the Russian language in this case. Taking the measures below will ensure that you find the best agency for translating and localizing Russian content. This way, you will avoid translation mistakes within your text.

Understanding Your Needs
First, be very clear about what you require from prospective Russian translation services. Finding a competent agency that offers legal translation services, document translation services as well as support for website and technical translation can be of great advantage. Such a firm should also perform international brand checks and provide brand-name translation and localization services. Avoiding poorly translated and localized content shields you from presenting a culturally-offensive brand, slogan or logo.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the qualifications of translators and linguists meant to handle your project. Look for a Russian translation service that utilizes well-trained staff and has acquired membership and certifications from relevant regulatory bodies. It should also employ comprehensive processes to ensure obtaining the intended high-quality output. These include conducting the actual translation, secondary editing, proof-reading and sign-off as well as quality assurance of language. In addition, the translation company needs to avail to its clients, around-the-clock customer-support for 7 days a week and provide customized services.

Carry out checks on the reputation of your prospective Russian translation and localization firm too by requesting for its portfolio. Make efforts to contact its past clients along with anyone else close to you with useful advice in this context. You can also visit online forums together with independent review-sites for insight into activities performed by various language translation firms.

Seek for a company that offers a large variety of affordable services of translating the Russian language. Beware of utilizing agencies that appear too cheap as you may afterwards have to contend with poor service-delivery. Remember that in most cases you will get what you pay for exactly. Working with a proficient translation and localization firm comes with the assured benefit of cost-efficiency for any business with international interests.

Translating English into Russian poses various challenges to the translator. They include use of format for date, decimal mark, spaces before units of measurement, noun phrases, title case, and ‘Function’ in the context of business administration. Engaging an experienced service provider of Russian translation services guarantees a client of receiving output that is both high in quality and accounts for all these considerations.

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