The Difficulties Inherent In Translating Marketing Content

February 7, 2017by silk-r0

Marketing Translation is a unique form of translation that has no margin for error. Any gains that you make from a well-orchestrated international marketing campaign can be undone if the marketing translation services sought are not from top notch translators. So why is marketing translation unique and what are the difficulties inherent in providing marketing translation services?

Notable Gaffes By Some Multinationals As A Result Of Poor Marketing Translation

Every now and then, we get to see headlines of multinational companies experiencing embarrassing gaffes after trying to appeal to the international market with awkward ads. There are a few that really stand out even after the passage of time. The first one that comes to mind is KFC’s ‘finger-licking good’ slogan that was literally translated in China to read ‘eat your fingers off!’ Ford came up with a slogan in Belgium that the ad executives thought read ‘every car has a high quality body’. It turns out that the ad was construed by the Belgians to read ‘every car has a high quality corpse’.Mercedes Benz entered the motor market in China under the brand name ‘Bensi’, which meant ‘rush to die’ to the Chinese consumers. These are a few of the many notable blunders done by multinationals in their attempts to appeal to foreign markets. Here are some of the difficulties inherent in providing marketing translation services:-

  •  Challenges Of Imprinting A Positive Brand Impression
  •  Difficulties Of Adapting Marketing Copy To Several Local Cultures
  •  Inadequate Time To Obtain A Deep and Comprehensive Understanding Of The Target
  • Audience
  •  Humour Lost In Translation
  •  Limitations Of Literal Translation Of Slogans

Challenges Of Imprinting Positive Brand Impression

No matter how well established your brand is in a particular market, it is not always a given that it will have the same impression in a foreign market. The ultimate objective of marketing translation is to imprint a positive brand across diverse markets. Effective marketing translation should ideally result in a positive brand impression that mirrors the impression in already successful markets.

Difficulties Of Adapting Marketing Copy To Several Local Cultures

Marketing campaigns often use a blueprint marketing copy that trickles down to different target markets. Adapting this marketing copy to several local cultures can prove to be a tall order. Each local culture is unique. There are subtle differences in dialects, beliefs, norms, customs and other features that need to be taken into consideration.

Inadequate Time To Obtain A Deep and Comprehensive Understanding Of The Target Audience

To get a comprehensive understanding of the target audience, a good provider needs to set aside sufficient time. Unfortunately, due to the limitation of financial resources, marketing translation can only be done for a limited duration of time. This ultimately means that the provider of marketing translation services needs to optimize the limited time so as to obtain a deep and comprehensive understanding of the target audience. Only those with relevant experience and adequate internal resources can be able to deliver.

Humor Lost In Translation ‘I don’t get it’, these are words you definitely don’t want to hear from your target audience after you roll out your ad. To avoid losing humor through translation, you should engage the services a provider of marketing translation services with native translators (preferably those with a good sense of humor). Few marketing translation firms have such personnel in their payroll.

Limitations Of Literal Translation Of Slogans

Your company probably has a slogan that has proven successful in many countries. Unfortunately, literal translation of slogans can result in linguistically correct statements which are completely meaningless. A good provider of marketing translation services will help you use a slogan that conveys the message you intend to convey.

Where To Get Marketing Translation Services

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