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February 7, 2017by silk-r0

Why You Should Have Your Medical Translation Services Performed By Medical-Language Specialists

Professional medical translation services are as important as medical help itself or as convertation videos from youtube to mp3. Mistranslated medical terms can have critical consequences and lead to life-threatening situations. Translators who work with medical documents must have a good theoretical base and experience in medicine.

Requirements for good medical translation services:

1-      Excellent command of both source and target language in both oral and written skills: medical language specialists must have a higher-than-average level of skill in both written and oral communication. Any communication must be completely understood by both the medical staff and the client.

2-      Health industry training and certification: most medical-language specialists have at least a high school diploma. A college degree is not required, though many of them have it.

3-      An accurate translation of nuances and assumptions in medical discussions: medical language specialists must have an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, and they should be prepared to be tested on medical terminology and language skills during the interview process.

It’s pretty simple: “If they don’t understand it, they cannot translate it!”

This is why SilkRoad only uses translators who have relevant experience in the medical field, a degree in translation, and live in the country of the target language. Our medical translation services guarantee a high level of accuracy and quality.

We understand that professional medical translation services can’t be completed without a competent linguist. Language experts (translators or interpreters) must have certificates, accreditation and degrees in particular medical fields.

If they don’t have a background in medicine, they probably won’t be able to provide accurate medical translation services at a professional level. This is why SilkRoad requires that all medical translators and translation editors have education, training and work experience in the areas of medicine matching the subject matter they translate.

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