Language Translator Duties

February 7, 2017by silk-r0

Language Translator Typical Work Activities: A Language translator usually works according to a combination of certain points:

  • A professional language translator reads the original source document and rewriting it in the target language.
  • Usually translators use references such as dictionaries and books to find the best equivalents for the terminologies.
  • Language translator also uses appropriate software for presentation and delivery.
  • A specialized Language translator does researches in his field of expertise to find the correct translation.
  • Liaises with clients to discuss any unclear points.
  • Language translator does not only translate but also proofread and edit the final translated versions.
  • Professional language translator provides his clients with a grammatically correct, well-expressed final version of the translated text.
  • Prioritizes his work to meet deadlines.
  • Provides quotations for translation services offered.
  • Language translator Consults with experts in specialist areas.
  • Sometimes a language translator also supplies subtitles for foreign films and television programs.
  • Language translator retains and develops his knowledge on specialist areas of translation.
  • Networking and making contacts is one of any language translator work activities.

Though almost all language translators are aware of the previous points but still some fail.

Some tips to freelance language translators to avoid Failure?

  • Market yourself:

Some freelancers expect too much return from too little marketing effort, just because you applied for 30 translation companies and received no work doesn’t mean you did enough work ,you get to market yourself in a better way .

  • Be patient:

Freelance translators expect the startup phase to be shorter than it is, you can’t reach the speed of 100 once you start the engine.

  • Develop your skills:

Language translators think they will improve their work with weak language skills. Every language translators should periodically develop their language, writing skills.

  • Networking with fellows and translation companies:

Don’t expect vendors to search for you, if youdon’t come out of hiding you won’t be found. To apply for a job, click here