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Highly Experienced Translation Services

At SilkRoad, we strive to provide exceptional translation services to each and every client. With a team of over 1,000 linguists offering native speaking and writing skills in over 20 languages, we are able to hold our translation service company to the highest possible standards. The extensive industry experience of our company and staff allow us to guarantee quality in all our projects, including high-volume requests, rush turnaround times, and translation of highly technical materials.

SilkRoad’s Highly Developed Translation Process

Our sophisticated translation process has been developed by our experienced team to ensure superb translation services in a variety of formats and subject matters.

The first step is an exhaustive project analysis. We begin by reviewing all materials provided by the client and constructing a timeline, detailing goals and guidelines for the completion of the project. The next steps are thorough translation memory analysis and the creation of a glossary and style guide.

The next stage in our translation services is production. This involves our experienced translation staff completing an initial draft of the translation in the target text, which is then extensively proofread and checked for quality by our editing and proofreading team. Once a polished draft is complete to the satisfaction of the translation and proofreading teams, the document is formatted and undergoes testing for complete elimination of errors.

After the final product has been delivered to the client, we always take into account their feedback and conduct a quality assurance assessment, in order to be certain that the best possible translation services were rendered.

Dedication to Quality Assurance

SilkRoad takes client satisfaction very seriously and endeavors to provide an unmatched commitment to quality. In order to consistently offer exemplary translation services, our team frequently carries out procedures for continuous translation quality improvement and avoiding any tracking and handling issues. We strictly hire professional translators only, to provide the best possible services.

The Most Innovative Translation Tools

Our translation service company utilizes the most innovative technology to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Our translation services involve use of a number of the latest translation tools, including:

  • Idiom
  • Trados
  • WorkBench
  • Passolo
  • SDLX
  • WOrdfast
  • Fortis
  • Transit
  • Easy Translator
  • Déjà Vu
  • Loc Studio
  • WinTrans
  • HyperHub
  • Systran
  • Alchemy Catalyst
  • Wim TradNG
  • Sony Ericsson’s TMS
  • IBM’s Translation Manage

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