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Transcription Services from SilkRoad

Our transcription services company covers a wide range of formats and subject matter. Transcription services at their core, however are simply the process of converting audio and video files into text to be documented and viewed. These services are often used in the legal, medical, and business sectors, among many others. Our transcription services staff is trained and ready to create text compatible with any field or client preferences.

Extensive Company Experience

Since our founding, SilkRoad has been dedicated to gathering the most experienced and highly capable professionals in their respective fields. Our talented transcriptionists offer both digital and analogue transcription services from a wide range of media. We provide high quality, specialized transcription services with a quick turnaround.

Our Comprehensive Transcription Process

Our transcription services company uses a time-tested system to ensure quality and accuracy to all of our clients. Our expert transcriptionists begin by listening to the provided audio file and converting it into text. Once the initial transcript is prepared, it is thoroughly analyzed by certified proofreaders, who listen to the audio file and correct any typos, unclear words, errors, or omissions in the text. Once a polished final transcript is complete, it is once again proofread by our Quality Supervisor for maximum accuracy, before being delivered to the client in their desired format.

A Wide Variety of Transcription Services

Our transcription services cover a variety of categories, from basic same language transcription, consisting of a simple transcription of a source text, to Standard Translation Transcription, consisting of simultaneous translation and transcription services within the same step of the process. If desired, we can provide transcripts in both the source and the target language, making sure that both represent the client’s audio file verbatim.

The format and specifications of our transcription services are up to the client. Our services include verbatim translation services in script format or otherwise, as well as revised summaries of the source file. Our transcriptionists can convert audio files of varying lengths and including multiple speakers if necessary.  

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