SilkRoad’s Translation Testing Procedures

Because of our focus on client satisfaction, SilkRoad conducts rigorous testing on each of our projects prior to the final delivery. It is one of our top priorities to stop costly delays and defects before they begin.

Whether you are working with text, websites, software, or multimedia, our testing system is designed to ensure that your material meets customer standards in every language. In addition to this, we will make certain it operates smoothly across any and all operating systems, browsers, channels, devices, etc. Our sophisticated testing solutions enable this.

Our Thorough Testing Process

Our testing process has been developed by our experienced staff for the purpose of finding and eliminating any issues with a translation.

We begin by conducting a thorough project analysis, taking care to properly define and communicate all goals, guidelines, and deliverables to the client and our staff. This allows both parties to be involved and informed throughout the process. The next step is to create a Test Plan, which acts as a roadmap, providing directions and objectives for the entire project going forward. This enables us to define all necessary test cases as well as selecting and training the ideal QA team from our staff of capable employees and freelancers. From here, we are able to set up the ideal test environments and bug workflow in order to conduct testing. Once the testing is underway, we will continue to update the documentation and translation memories until all parties are fully content with the translated project.

The Best Choice for Translation Testing Services

We are here to provide excellent translations through stringent and thorough testing. To this end, we abide by a strict methodology that guarantees valid, reportable results to each and every client. This includes software specific training for our team so that they can provide optimal services across a wide range of software. Progress management and debriefing are also carried out frequently throughout each project in order to ensure our quality standards are consistently met.

We put great importance on accurate end-to-end documentation, eliminating any potential confusion throughout the project. Included in this documentation are any procedures requested by the client, as well as customizable reporting and metrics, which we adhere to strictly during each stage of testing solutions.

Finally, we are constantly sure to keep our technology up-to-date and efficient, in order to provide the most effective testing services possible. We maintain a flexible management system, detail-specific case tracking, and a bug management system that is accessible and easy to use.

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