Quality Scoring System

SilkRoad’s Dedication to Quality Control

We implement strict quality control measures in each step of any project, guaranteeing outstanding translations for all of our clients. Our unique Translation Quality Score (TQS) facilitates comprehensive revisions until the target text is fully satisfactory to both us and the client.

Highly Developed Translation Process

Our translation process has been developed throughout SilkRoad’s history to eliminate all errors and weaknesses in our translations. The source text is first analyzed, along with any additional material from the client, by our translation managers to identify the unique needs of the client and the best translators and reviewers for the project. Once one of our experienced translators has been selected, they will create a draft of the translation, which is then exhaustively assessed by reviewers and managers to determine a Translation Quality Score (TQS), used to identify errors and implement the best solutions.

Our Unique Quality Scoring System

Our translation quality scoring system is designed to classify and solve any potential mistakes or weaknesses in our translations. We ensure that our translators and reviewers consistently deliver quality material using our standard Error Report sheet, which identifies, classifies, and suggests a solution for each error in a given draft. In our translation quality scoring system, each error is equivalent to a specific number of points, based on severity and type, which determines the Translation Quality Score (TQS). The amount of permissible points in the score varies depending on the nature of the task, ranging from 0.025 percent to 0.05 percent.

Addressing Problems and Responding to Negative Feedback

The satisfaction of our clients is very important to us and their feedback is a crucial part of our success. If we learn that a client is dissatisfied with our work, it becomes our top priority to find and correct the source of dissatisfaction. We do this by first analyzing the material sent to the client and their feedback, going on to conduct a full internal investigation. All parties who contributed to the project are included in this process. The results of the investigation are then delivered to the client, along with a corrective action plan detailing the steps we will take to perfect the work and prevent similar mistakes in the future. All corrections are carried out promptly, using our signature Translation Quality Score (TQS) to address all concerns and eliminate the root causes of them.

Extensive Training for Our Team

All of our employees as well as any freelancers working with us are highly trained in order to meet SilkRoad’s standards of quality and ensure that all team members are knowledgeable about localization and relevant software tools. Degrees of training vary by an employee’s skill level, from our comprehensive beginners’ kit to specialized training and even specific methods requested by the client.

Our specialized training helps employees become proficient in specific verticals, such as legal and medical material, among others, so as to ultimately improve Translation Quality Scores (TQS). Team members often attend lessons from subject matter experts on staff and from specialized training agencies.

On demand training involves training tools specified by the client. They range from attending online sessions to thorough reading of documents provided by the client.

Tracking our Performance

We are careful to track the performance of our resources during each project. The detailed Error Report and Evaluation Sheet filled out at the completion of each step in the process highlight any mistakes and opportunities for improvement. Sudden Language Quality Assurance (LQA) checks are run in addition to periodic employee appraisals and Error Analyses based on the compiled Error Reports, Evaluation Sheets, and overall Translation Quality Score (TQS).

Steps Toward Process Improvement

Regularly monitoring the output of our team prompts them to consistently produce their best and identifies areas where they may require further training. This allows us to develop training sessions and objectives that enhance our employees’ performance, improve the overall Translation Quality Score (TQS), and promote client satisfaction.

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