Quality Assurance

Commitment to Quality

We Are Committed to Producing Impeccable, Well-Written Translations Every Time.

How We Ensure Quality in Translation

Our steps toward translation quality assurance begin with simple common sense definitions and go on to include our sophisticated linguistic techniques. In addition to accurate transmission of meaning between languages, our team focuses on other important aspects of quality translation service, including elimination of spelling and grammatical errors and making sure each translation is properly adapted and localized. We aim to produce text that is not only correctly translated, but well written and highly readable in the target language.

Our Steps Toward Quality

We take translation quality assurance very seriously. Our steps toward quality control therefore involve not only perfect language skills and extensive knowledge of subject matter, but expertise in the field of translation research and continuous learning of the source and target languages, as they develop. From our universal orientation procedures to our advanced localization tools, we use comprehensive training methods to make sure our team members are always familiar with the specific subject matter of each translation, as well as the latest linguistic trends.

Exhaustive Quality Assurance Measures

Our dedication to translation quality assurance is present in every step of our process, from the client’s initial request until our delivery of the completed translation. As soon as we receive a request, we make sure we are able to honor the client’s wishes to the fullest possible extent before accepting and confirming the project. Once it is accepted, a draft is translated by one of our experienced professionals. The draft is then revised by our reviewers, who analyze it for inaccuracies in the translation as well as omissions and grammar and spelling errors. The next step toward translation quality assurance is for the reviewer to create an Error Report and Evaluation Sheet, which they will use, working alongside the translator, to correct mistakes. The revision process only when the translated text is completely free of errors and flaws, with Language Quality Assurance Checks run frequently by translation managers and assistant managers, to provide the highest level of language quality assurance. Once a fully satisfactory target text is created, it is then formatted and undergoes a final check for maximum accuracy before it is delivered to the client.

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