Project Management

Our Comprehensive Approach to Translation Management Services

Our Qualified Translation Managers Assign Projects to Translators and Reviewers Based on Applicable Experience

Dedicated Project Managers

Our highly qualified project managers oversee each translation process in its entirety, using their professional knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the best quality translation management services available. Our managers are experts in what we call the “3 ‘W’ Rule”, meaning they are constantly aware of Who did What and When in any project. This allows them to maximize the effectiveness of translation management, from when we first receive a client request. They begin by thoroughly assessing the request, including the text to be translated, all supplementary materials, and the client’s individual needs and wishes. This information is then used to identify the best possible translator for the project—using criteria such as native fluency in the language of a specific country or region and professional experience translating Asian languages—and delegate it to them. Our translation management team remains present throughout the translation and revision stages by helping the reviewer to create a comprehensive error report analysis and using the “3 ‘W’ Rule” to find and rectify any weakness in the system during each step. Translation management also involves relevant project and language managers themselves providing reviews of drafts, applying a rigid quality management process to correct any and all flaws.

Managing Translation and Localization

Translation management is key in making sure each of our projects receives the level of dedicated scrutiny it needs, ensuring our clients receive quality results every time. Multitasking is key in our translation management services, and our managers are therefore adept at working with multiple vendors at any given time, often including multiple contacts from each vendor, for instance, a Project Manager as well as DTP and engineering contacts. Through a combination hard work and practical delegation, our translation management team balances the many important tasks involved in each project, including rapid distribution of critical information to other team members, necessary changes to project scope and monitoring progress toward deadlines. From numerous administrative details to processing invoices and pricing data, our translation management process carries out each step of any project with the attention to detail required to produce satisfactory translations. At the end of every project, our managers will also arrange for the finished translation to be delivered via the platform of your choice, such as e-mail, File Transfer Protocol, and portals, among others.

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