Localization & Adaption

Since 2010, SilkRoad has become one of the top language, localization services provider for Central Asia and Eastern Europe. While expanding our scope across three different continents, we have gained the resources and experience to provide the very best localization services – meeting and overcoming the unique challenges in each step of the process.

Preparation and Assessment
With any localization or adaption project, we begin by communicating with our clients to learn the details of the material and set up clear project goals. During this stage, we may ask you for additional resources such as other publications and translations from your company, so that we can ensure consistency in our language localization services. These will be thoroughly assessed by one of our experienced professional linguists.

Alignment with a Translation Memory System
The next step is to extract the text from your original content files, and align it with one of our sophisticated Translation Memory Systems. This part of our localization services ensures accuracy and efficiency for yourself and your customers.

All aspects of our services come together to create content that customers in your target market will feel at home with. We use information gained from local and global statistics, as well as similar existing translations and a pure translation of your content to adapt the text and user interface of your material.

Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction
In order to provide high quality and consistency, we make sure that your graphics are localized to perfectly correspond with the text. Over our years of experience, we have compiled a strong and diverse portfolio, which your project will be tested against for further quality assurance. Finally, it will undergo further testing for functionality and verification before being delivered to you for publication.

Once both our clients and ourselves are satisfied with the quality and effectiveness, the completed, localized and translated material will be submitted to you for launch, either through our desktop publishing services or your own medium.

One of the key components of our language localization services is a careful analysis of the translated material by our professional linguists. They will assess the translation using previous translations and local statistics and texts from your target area to make the content seem just as if it originated there.

We take pride in our variety, including website localization, software localization, game localization, mobile localization, and more. Please contact us to learn more about the unique services we offer and how we can help with your project.

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